back-up și cloud, externalizare servicii IT

Choosing a backup and cloud solution

DOMINObyte offers its users back-up and cloud solutions that require a complete copy of the server and the data stored within it.

The company's resources can thus be accessed through private cloud computing, and the activity and operations can continue to be carried out with the same efficiency.

Loss of data from the server can have disastrous consequences and disruption of operation. With the help of a back-up solution, a backup of the data on the server is made, which can be accessed in case of server compromise.

Through cloud computing, data saved from the server can be safely accessed from any location. Obviously, only people with appropriate rights and passwords can access data on servers.

This ensures efficient and safe operation of the company, without bottlenecks and business disruptions.

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The 80 IT engineers currently support Romanian and foreign companies.

  • We work with companies from the USA, France, Spain, Italy, etc.
  • We manage over 20.000 pieces of equipment.
  • We have continuously increased our turnover and our number of customers since the establishment of the company.

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