About us, DOMINObyte

We are an IT company founded in 2012, specialized in IT services and products adapted to the needs of companies.

  • IT support (HelpDesk, Onsite IT interventions, remote interventions)
  • Server administration and support
  • IT security
  • IT consulting
  • IT audit
  • Data Center
  • Enterprise Services (L2Windows, L2Linux, Office 365, monitoring solutions, back-up solutions, etc.)

Over ten years of experience, we have gradually expanded our portfolio, taking into account technological requirements and innovations.

We aim to provide companies with all the necessary support in managing IT activity to accelerate development in the digital age.

Treptio IT services, servicii software, suport IT si servicii IT

9 years of

Experience in IT services and products

About the company

The DOMINObyte team gather over 80 experts in technology

DOMINObyte is a software development and technical support company, and we have in-depth knowledge of the needs in the local market.

The DOMINObyte team brings together more than 80 technology experts that support IT processes management, and our customers include companies from the U.S., Italy, France and Spain.

IT support 100%
Server administration and support 100%
IT security 100%
IT consulting 100%
IT audit 100%
Data Center 100%
Enterprise Services 100%

Currently, most companies have accelerated their digital transformation, but along with the opportunities that arise from this development are also the challenges related to the necessary technical support.

Whether it’s managing situations where IT systems don’t work or implementing solutions tailored to your business, at DOMINObyte we assist you with customized IT services. We offer a wide range of IT products and services, from IT risk coverage to server management, IT consulting and audit to IT solutions for companies.

We are available 24/7

Regardless of your needs, DOMINObyte provides you with the necessary support to identify the IT solutions that are right for your business and to implement them in a fast and efficient way.

Any need or challenge regarding IT finds its solution among the specialists of DOMINObyte.

We are available 24/7 and provide support as soon as possible to solve problems and at the same time we guarantee the privacy of our customers and the dedication of the DOMINObyte team to maximize the success of your business.


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