Dedicated monitoring solutions team

Dedicated monitoring solutions team

DOMINObyte provides users with IT monitoring solutions, along with the benefit of having a team dedicated to managing this activity.

These IT monitoring solutions are part of the range of enterprise services, which require an engineering and computer discipline-centered approach to solve practical problems you might face.

For companies that cannot afford to have their activity interrupted, the IT monitoring team service dedicated to monitoring is ideal because through a monitoring system we have full access to:

  • network status,
  • systems,
  • servers,
  • databases.

We make sure everything works optimally. We can prevent problems of IT nature. Moreover, we can manage incidents so that the activity is not interrupted and productivity is not affected.

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The DOMINObyte specialists who are part of the monitoring solutions team constantly know the condition of the devices and ensure that they maintain their maximum efficiency.

The monitoring system provides real-time information and history of certain data regarding the status of the monitoring devices.

The DOMINObyte team monitors a wide range of parameters, both critical, non-operational and potentially degraded parameters as well as:

  • CPU,
  • memory,
  • disks,
  • hardware,
  • network activity level,
  • information on databases,
  • status of services and servers.

The essential IT systems are constantly monitored and the dedicated team notices any deviation or interruption, so that the problem is subsequently reported and managed by DOMINObyte specialists.

After the identified situation has been communicated, the monitoring team tracks how the situation is resolved and reports to the user, the final step being to close the incident.

Why choose us?

The 80 IT engineers currently support Romanian and foreign companies.

  • We work with companies from the USA, France, Spain, Italy, etc.
  • We manage over 20.000 pieces of equipment.
  • We have continuously increased our turnover and our number of customers since the establishment of the company.

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