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Access setup and management

In addition to external threats, a network can also be attacked through internal access, using various ways:

  • theft of data or passwords,
  • industrial espionage,
  • misuse of IT resources,
  • which can cause damage and decrease company productivity.

DOMINObyte provides users with the service of configuration and access management so that, by means of procedures and according to the specifics of the equipment and network, the risks of an internal attack are minimized and the security of the network is guaranteed.

Access procedures and appropriate solutions are chosen according to the specific activity and the size of the company.

Access solutions are also a way to control employee efficiency, increase productivity and ensure a modern timesheet.

Last but not least, a company with a well-established access policy has a predictive operation and a professional image.

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The 80 IT engineers currently support Romanian and foreign companies.

  • We work with companies from the USA, France, Spain, Italy, etc.
  • We manage over 20.000 pieces of equipment.
  • We have continuously increased our turnover and our number of customers since the establishment of the company.

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