Most probably you have already heard about the launch of Windows 11 by Microsoft. At a time when PCs have become a fundamental part of our lives, Windows 11 aim to bring us closer to what we love. It is the first major upgrade since 2015 and offers a significant evolution in features from Windows 10.

The available information on Windows 11 till now shows promising updates and features to boost productivity, ease of use, and connect with people faster than ever. Plus, it offers a better gaming experience, a brand-new Microsoft Store, and an advanced ecosystem to help developers unlock new opportunities.

Let us deep dive into the new features, systems, and updates that Windows 11 brings for the users.

Snap Layouts

Windows 11 will now feature Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and Desktops, allowing an advanced, powerful way to accomplish multitasking and to stay on top of what’s needed to be done. The users can choose a Snap Group to run multiple apps simultaneously as well as customize separate Desktops for different types of use. Needless to say, we have entered an era where users can optimize the screen for a cleaner visual layout.

Intuitive Taskbar

Windows 11 plans to integrate Chat from Microsoft into the taskbar. Now, users can instantly connect with others via chats, voice, or video contacts for both Android and iOS devices. Along the same lines, one can quickly mute or unmute a conversation as needed, directly from the taskbar. Thanks to the snap feature, users can reply to a message and get back to where they were before answering it.

Plus, Windows 11 offers a new docking experience that minimizes the monitor when you unplug a monitor to move rooms. That is, when you re-connect to a dock, you can start working from where you left as the previous windows appear as they were before.

Integrates Advanced Gaming Technology

We live in an era of a huge community of avid gamers. Windows 11 acknowledges the importance of users’ favorite PC gaming accessories and peripherals and unlocks the latest gaming technology for you. As per the official press release, Windows 11 is going to offer:

  • DirectX 12 Ultimate to enable immersive graphics at high frame rates
  • DirectStorage to minimize load times and improved detailing
  • Auto HDR to support a wide range of colors

An All-New Microsoft Store

Windows 11 comes with a brand-new Store having your favorite sports and entertainment apps. It is the single-most trusted platform to download any app to play, watch, learn, and create your favorite content. The Microsoft store is designed to ensure speed, security, efficiency, and ease of use.

Aside from offering a huge collection of apps, it also makes it exceptionally easy to search for and find your favorite content.

Cool Widgets 

Windows 11 brings a whole new selection of exciting widgets, powered by Microsoft Edge and Artificial intelligence. With just one click, users can get a glance at the weather, news, photos, personal to-do lists, and more, offering opportunities to deliver personalized content within Windows 11. Plus, these widgets are easy to customize and add/remove.

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