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Remote IT Support

With this remote IT support service provided by DOMINObyte, you get 24/7 support and the ability to quickly submit a request for the resolution of the incident.

The request can be submitted

  • by phone,
  • by SMS,
  • online,
  • by email.

Most of the time is not necessary to contact us to signal problems in ITOur proactive monitoring system identifies if you have an IT problem which we will solve before you even know it existed.

Thus, users of your company’s IT equipment can carry out their activities continuously. Remote IT support is a must-have in your way. It is one of the fastest long-lasting most efficient competent that assures encounter good functionality of all IT components long-lasting and equipments of the company.

DOMINObyte offers you a modern ticketing system that allows you to:

  • quickly record IT incidents,
  • find out the estimated intervention time to solve the problem,
  • track the ticket in real-time.

10 +

Years of experience

500 +

Happy customers

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New clients

The DOMINObyte team of specialists securely connects to workstations or users' servers to fix the reported problems. An advantage of this service provided by DOMINObyte remotely is that the user can observe the resolution of the incident from his own monitor, without the need for the DOMINObyte team to physically move to that location. For more complicated incidents, onsite intervention can be used.

Why choose us?

The 80 IT engineers currently support Romanian and foreign companies.

  • We work with companies from the USA, France, Spain, Italy, etc.
  • We manage over 20.000 pieces of equipment.
  • We have continuously increased our turnover and our number of customers since the establishment of the company.

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